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What Are Customers Say About Best Koi Direct

“I’ve won in auction over a dozen koi from BKD on ebay and they all came quickly, well packed, and in great condition. I highly recommend them, not for all the ones that came healthy, beautiful, and with no issues but because of the one delivery I had that was not as expected. Kirsten promptly responded to my emails and made everything right in short time and without any hassle. Due to the quality and health of their koi and their outstanding customer service, I will continue to buy from BKD and recommend them to others!”
Ila Minton


“BKD is the best by far!!”


“I have been obsessed with the beauty of Koi Fish since 1996. I have struggled throughout the years to find Superior Quality Koi for my Koi & Water Garden Hobby. I have purchased Koi from Many sources until I found Best Koi Direct (BKD). The search was OVER when I ordered my koi from BKD. The Health, High Quality and Beautiful Koi BKD provided me with was and still is Superior to all other Koi Farms I have bought from. BKD can provide Breed Specific as well as the most Unique Koi I have found in my 23 years of Koi keeping.”
Sandra Sowards

Hurricane, WV

“I have purchased many Koi from Best Koi Direct (BKD). I have never had a problem with sick or dying fish. All fish are packaged exceptionally well. Fish are always High Quality and Disease Free! I couldn’t be more pleased with BKD”
Terra Shank

Charleston, WV